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Are you feeding your allergies?

Are Feeding Your Allergies? Understand what 5  foods are making your allergies worse As the ground starts to thaw after the long winter, we can finally smile that Spring is here. However, for some of us, spring’s arrival can bring along its own torment of watery eyes, congestion, runny noses and itchy ears and [...]

What Should I Eat When I Feel Burntout?

What Should I Eat When I Feel Burntout? 4 Food Tips to Heal Burnout  The catastrophic events that we have endured these past years has led to a flooding of do-or-die emotions, resulting in what I am seeing the most in my office these days: exhaustion and burnout. With the blurring of work-life boundaries [...]

Signs You’re Burnt Out: A Guide To Understanding If You Are Suffering From Burnout

Talk to any parent, health care worker, or teacher during these dark winter days and you are likely to hear a tone of exhaustion, resentment and inadequacy.  These feelings mirror the exact criteria for burnout, a term coined in the 1970s by the German-born American psychologist, Herbert Freudenberger, in his book Burnout: The High [...]

How To Journal For Mom’s

Self-Love Journaling for Mom’s Self-love and compassion requires us to take a pause and put ourselves on the list. Being a mom it can be easy to put everyone first. The challenge with this is, you’re reading and you’re like “if I was able to put me first or had time I would…Randi-Mae.” So [...]

Is Couples Counselling For Me?

Why should I consider couples counselling? Many people wonder why they would see a couple’s counsellor. The truth is sometimes people are nervous and afraid to sit on the comfy couch and explore how they are feeling. Seeing a counsellor doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you, it is simply an invitation to [...]

Inviting Gratitude To The Table

Gratitude at Thanksgiving Thinking about gratitude, and being grateful, can shift how we experience life and moments with the ones we love and care about. During Thanksgiving this year we would like to invite gratitude as a dinner guest. Gratitude is an art, the art of appreciation and being thankful. And it's not just [...]

Get Started On A Daily Mindfulness Routine

9 Ways You Can Start Or Get Back Into A Daily Mindfulness Routine September is here, and getting back into a daily routine after summer or setting new intentions is an important part of good mental health. If you’ve never practiced mindfulness before, this is also a good ‘how to’ to get you started. [...]

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