Self-Love Journaling for Mom’s

Self-love and compassion requires us to take a pause and put ourselves on the list. Being a mom it can be easy to put everyone first. The challenge with this is, you’re reading and you’re like “if I was able to put me first or had time I would…Randi-Mae.”

So how do we do it in real life?

  1. Open up your journal and ask yourself the following questions. The questions below start the journey to realizing that you have needs and it’s okay to bring your awareness to them.
    1. What do I need?
    2. What would I love to do for myself?
    3. How would I like to start my day?
  2. Start with making a commitment to yourself.

     Write a letter to yourself. It might look something like this

               Dear Self,

I want you to know I love you and you are worthy of ……..

  1. This last step requires action.
    1. Select one activity that you can do alone that requires a minimum of 30 minutes. Put it in your calendar and let everyone know who may need to support you with following through. Whether it’s a partner, childcare, or other support.
    2. Last step! After you complete the activity write about how you felt in your journal.

Three little steps to help you start the journey of putting yourself first, while creating space for you to reconnect with yourself and feel rejuvenated while you dance through the busyness of life.

You’re worthy.

You’re beautiful.

You got this.

Have a wonderful day.

Soma & Soul Wellness

Randi-Mae Stanford-Leibold