Why should I consider couples counselling?

Many people wonder why they would see a couple’s counsellor. The truth is sometimes people are nervous and afraid to sit on the comfy couch and explore how they are feeling. Seeing a counsellor doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you, it is simply an invitation to take a pause and look at what’s going on around you and within you. When you arrive to sit together and explore your relationship It is an invitation to open the door to be seen, heard and cared for by your partner. Relationships go through periods of disconnection, grief, misunderstanding, disinterest, lack of desire, miscommunication and the staleness of routine. These are just a few periods where it would be helpful to reconnect and rediscover with the support of a counsellor.

The upside there are periods of possibility, passion, support, growth, compassion, love and joy on the journey too. Your journey together is filled with so much that can strengthen you as an individual and a team when you come together to pause, reflect and reconnect.

What’s it like? Well it feels like having a conversation with someone who wants to support you and hold a space of non-judgment for both of you.

Sometimes people ask me why couples come to see me. Well here is a real and honest list.

–       A partner engaged in a relationship outside of the marriage or long-term relationship

–       People are getting separated

–       Couples feel disconnected after children

–       Couples trying to survive after twins

–       Couples wanting to reunite after being separated

–       Couples who are arguing who want to shift and understand

–       Trying to rebuild trust

–       A partner trying to be seen and supported

–       One partner living with an illness

–       A safe space to share how they are feeling

These are just a few reasons why couples may seek counselling. The journey is long but it’s worth exploring as you deepen your love, connection and understanding together.

Have a wonderful day.

Randi-Mae Stanford-Leibold