Food Fridays: 5 Meal Prep Tips

Maybe you’ve had a change in routine recently (hello back-to-school!), or maybe you’re looking to close out the last quarter of the year strong and stay aligned with your 2023 goals. Either way, meal prepping is always a great idea and is one of the best ways to stay on track with your nutrition goals. If you struggle with getting enough protein throughout the day, or find yourself feeling sluggish because of blood sugar spikes and crashes, meal prepping can help. And it’s easier than you think!

There’s several different ways to meal prep. Maybe you’re the type who just needs a few types of proteins cooked and ready to go, or maybe you prefer to have a full meal plan laid out to take the guessing game out of breakfast, lunch and dinner. We recommend trying out a few methods, and finding out what works best for you and your schedule. Because remember, the purpose of meal prepping is to make your life easier, not harder!

Here are a few of our favourite tips to get you started: 

    1. Find meals you actually enjoy and make a list of them – having go-to recipes that are tasty AND healthy are essential, and having an arsenal of recipes to pick from each week helps save time and energy.
    2. Use recipes with overlapping ingredients – this especially works great for proteins. Maybe you make a big batch of slow cooker chicken (see our recipe for Chicken Carnitas) and use leftovers to make this delicious Indonesian Chicken Salad to be enjoyed as a snack or lunch. Either way, try to cut down on the length of your grocery list by using overlapping ingredients in multiple recipes.
    3. Keep a well-stocked pantry – always having healthy options on hand that last a while either in the cupboard, fridge or freezer is a great way to make sure you can mix and match to create a complete meal. Think beans, canned fish, nuts and seeds,  frozen fruits/veggies, seasonings and healthy condiments!
    4. Storage containers – be sure to have easy (preferably glass!) and leak proof tupperware on hand so you can store leftovers. Keeping meal prepped food in airtight containers is essential for ensuring everything stays fresh for the week.
    5. Plan for the days you know will be busiest, and don’t prep for too many days at a time! – maybe you have Sunday night leftovers on Monday, but you know Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are going to be chaotic. These are the days you’ll want to make sure to have meals prepped and handy. Try to account for any social events, Friday night date night or family take-out night? You won’t want to have food prepared for those days, as they’ll most likely go to waste. 

Again, the important thing about meal prep is making sure that it works for YOU. Try to learn what works, and what doesn’t, and you’ll be on your way to hassle-free meals all week long. If you need inspiration, we have tons of recipes up on our blog. 

Need help with your nutrition? Book in with our Holistic Nutritionists, Amy Jones or Sean Hew Wing to find out how they can help support you during this busy season.