What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness has existed for a long time. It is not a new practice, but it new to our busy modern world. The concept of slowing down in a wifi high-speed, hustle harder, achieve more western world is foreign. Mindfulness invites us to be present where we are, it invites us to allow the mind and body to experience the richness and wealth that is readily available in the present moment. As we seek achievement, chase goals and financial wealth, there is an abundant well of inner health and wellness waiting for us to arrive in the now. Mindfulness is allowing the mind and body to be fully present in the present moment without judgement, while rooted in compassion. For example, if you are in the shower, is your mind in the shower with you, or was it on to your next meeting, appointment, or in a conversation you had yesterday? Have you ever arrived at a destination and don’t know how you got there? The body was on autopilot in both situations while the mind was travelling elsewhere.

How do you start to be more mindful in a busy world?

Start with your breath. Your breath is a precious tool that allows the body and mind to align when you focus on it with intention.
Start with an intentional pause before you get out of bed. Place your hands on your stomach and breathe in feeling your body expand and your belly rise. Gently and slowly breathe out feeling your stomach softening and your body letting go. Then lean into gratitude. Thank your body for all of the work it has been doing for you, and all of the work it will do for you that day.
Mindfulness & Counselling
During counselling sessions with individuals and couples, I like to include mindfulness practices that encourage people to take a pause and notice how they are feeling. Become aware of their body and notice how the mind and body shift and give us signals as we go through our challenges. During counselling, mindfulness is invited through breathing exercises, journaling, and compassion practices, whether it is for yourself or in a partnership.

Who would benefit from counselling that incorporates mindfulness?

Individuals who would like to explore how to manage anxiety, depression, life changes, pre-natal and post-natal, and simply managing the stresses of daily life.
Mindfulness has a natural place in our modern-day world. It’s the invitation to enjoy being where you are and bringing us home to the present moment, and away from the anticipation of the next moment or thing.
Have a wonderful day. Don’t forget to bring awareness to your breath.

Soma and Soul Wellness