Tips to Improve Communication in Relationships
Communication is Key 
Communication is the foundation of growing a healthy relationship. We often think simply about the words we say, but there is lots of non-verbal communication that also strengthens our relationships. This begins by bringing awareness to our partner through presence and showing up authentically.
There are four simple words that can shift relationships. Seen, heard and cared for. These simple words can change shift the dynamic of your relationship if both individuals aspire to offer this to each other.
Do you allow your partner to see you? Do you create space to see your partner with intention? You might be thinking…what does that mean? In most areas of our lives, we are walking around with armour. We may feel the need to show up put together and strong when the reality is we might feel and yearn to have a safe space to let go and be vulnerable. A great way to create this space in your relationship is to make time to be fully present with your partner.
Complete a powerful eye gazing exercise with your partner. Carve out 5-10 minutes out of your day to sit with your partner and let your walls come down allowing you to show up authentic and vulnerable. This exercise begins by gazing into each other’s eyes while you breathe and open the gateway to your truth in silence. If you need a little help there is a guided exercise, in the following link.
It’s a great way to let your partner see you and whatever you’re carrying with you inside without saying too many words. After this exercise, you may realize that when you make eye contact with your partner from across the room you might notice you can see more, hear more, and understand more.
When you are speaking to your partner create space to be fully present and listen undistracted without interrupting. Often when our partner is speaking to us, we are thinking about our reply before they complete their sentence. Creating time to ask your partner how they are doing and taking a pause to listen. Mindful listening invites us to simply listen and hold space. At times our partner may not be seeking a solution they may simply want to be heard.
Cared For! 
Cared for is a way of nurturing your partner and supporting them by holding space for your partner to feel like their needs are being tended too. This can start by asking your partner the following.
How can I support you?
Is there anything I can do to support your needs right now?
You can also nurture your partner by holding them with the intention of simply being there to physically and emotionally be there for them.
Cared for is exploring the many ways you can nurture your partner with compassion, presence and the intention to tend to their needs.
We can strengthen our connection and foundation with our partner by being fully present with your partner. You’ll discover the beauty and love within your partner again. Enjoy being with the one you love.
Happy exploring with love.

Soma and Soul Wellness