How much do you know about your cycle? Tracking and paying attention to your period is important – as females our menstrual cycle can give us great intel on our health, where abnormalities can be warning signs something is off. From learning how to manage PMS symptoms to optimizing your chances of getting pregnant if you are trying to conceive, cycle tracking is extremely useful.

In the past, tracking your period could be tedious, having to use old fashion pen and paper or sporadically keeping track using the notes function on your phone. Now, there are many ways to keep track of your period using technology – making it easier and more convenient than ever.

Check out our three favourite period apps to keep you in the know about your cycle.

  1. Clue
    Clue is one of the top-rated period-tracking apps, and for good reason. Its user-friendly design allows you to easily track your cycle and a wide variety of symptoms to see predictions and patterns over time. As a bonus, Clue’s platform encourages you to learn more about your body through science-based articles related to your specific cycle and the symptoms. With over 30+ different tracking options, including pain, mood, fluid and sexual activity, the app becomes more accurate in its predictions each time you track.
    Who it’s for: women looking to keep an eye on their periods & symptoms and learn more about their specific cycle
    Cost: Free (paid versions available)
  2. Flo
    Flo is the #1 ovulation and period tracker worldwide. It’s another great app for women looking to keep track of their cycles, and also has great features for women who are looking to conceive. Similar to the Clue App, users can easily track your cycle and enter more than 70+ data points about your symptoms. This app makes it easy to find patterns in your cycle and can offer educational content personalized to you. If you are looking for community support, Flo offers anonymous chats for sensitive topics, where you can connect with others about concerns regarding your cycle. As a bonus, they also offer a pregnancy calendar and other fertility resources so you can continue using the app even after conceiving.
    Who it’s for: women looking to keep track of their cycles
  3. Ovia Ovia is a digital health platform that offers a wide range of products – including three separate apps to offer continuous care throughout your health journey. The main app, Ovia, functions similarly to Flo and Clue, where you can input cycle data and get predictions based on your tracking history. It has many of the same tracking options such as data entry points for mood, fluid, pain, etc. and you also have access to educational content in a “timeline” view so you can continue to learn more every day. This app is especially great if you are trying to conceive, as it offers two additional apps including Ovia Pregnancy and Ovia Parenthood so you can continue using the platform throughout your journey.
    Who it’s for: women looking to keep track of their cycle, special features for fertility including additional apps to extend into pregnancy and parenthood
    Cost: Free

Whichever app you choose – it’s always a good idea to keep track of your period. Best of all, all the apps featured above are free! While paid versions do exist, all the features discussed are available with the free versions. Try them one today!