Natural Immune Boosters

With the changing colour of the leaves and the darkening days, cold and flu season is upon us.   This extra layer of the COVID -19 creates more urgency for self-care and understanding how to best improve our immunity.  The immune system is a multifaceted and sophisticated network of our cells, organs, proteins and chemicals that has evolved to protect us from a variety of infections from bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites, as well as cancer.

I have created a list of your natural-must-haves for your immune system for this coming fall season filled with herbs, vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin C: An essential micronutrient for humans. It acts as a potent antioxidant and supports important enzymes in our bodies.  Vitamin C contributes to immune defense by protecting against the stress and oxidative stress that invaders cause.

Ultimately it helps to activate the immune system to kill and fight off unwanted germs.

Echinacea: Echinacea is a native coneflower that has been used for more than 400 years by Great Plains indigenous tribes. Echinacea is known to support the upper respiratory system such as your lung, throat and sinuses.  It helps to relieve coughs, sore throat and lung congestion by thinning and drying up mucous production.

Goldenseal: The roots of the Goldenseal plant contain an alkaloid called berberine, which helps fight infection, protects mucous membranes and decreases inflammation. Goldenseal is a powerful anti-microbial that is used to aid and heal the mucous covered organs such as your mouth, throat and intestines.  This herb is known as the king of mucous membranes.

Usnea: Often referred to as “Old Man’s Beard” for its hairy appearance in nature. It works to soothe sore throats and treat lung and fungal infections. Known for its cooling and drying properties, Usnea helps bring down fever, clear mucus, and lower inflammation. This is one of the key herbs in our respiratory formula.

Vitamin D: Also known as the sunshine vitamin. Although this vitamin has been known for strengthening bones, vitamin D is used as ward off infections, heal your immunity and also fight cancer.

Historically and unknowingly, Vitamin D was used to treat infections such as tuberculosis before the time of antibiotics.  To know how much you should be taking, I recommended a blood test to ensure you are taking the right amount for you.  We can provide you with a requisition to test your level!

If you want to the precise combination of herbs and vitamins for you and your family through this fall season, please come and see us (virtually, in-person, and by phone).

IV Immune defense and high dose vitamin C cocktails are available at Soma and Soul Wellness.  Want to read more about intravenous vitamins click here

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