Sex doesn’t have to be a distant memory!
Remember when you first started dating and sex was fun and spontaneous,  and the phrase “do you wanna do it, the kids are sleeping?” wasn’t in your vocabulary. Well, it doesn’t have to be a distant memory. How can we reconnect with our partner sexually? Let’s explore a few ways to bring your sexy back.
1.    Myth: You can only have sex at night! NOPE! 
Sex at night! Let’s take a pause and rethink having sex at night. After you’ve had a long day at work, made dinner, did a few chores and put the kids to bed, who isn’t tired. Most of us fall asleep putting our children to bed. Our energy is expended throughout the day and by the time we return to our partners loving arms sex is the last thing on your mind. The bed doesn’t have to be a cold desolate place at night just because you’re tired. You can embrace, caress and enjoy light touch and connection with your partner. So the big question! If we don’t have sex at night, when can we have sex? Well, there are 24 hours in the day. Start the day with a warm and passionate good morning. Go to bed earlier and get a good night’s sleep so you’re ready for morning lovemaking. Meet for lunch! Take a break together during the day and reconnect. Spice up breakfast. Lunchtime doesn’t have to be a boring ham sandwich.
2.    Myth: Sexting is for single people! NOPE! 
Have fun re-igniting your flame! Sexting is not just for single people or people roaming on Tinder, it’s a great way to reconnect and stimulate desire. Not sure where to start?
Step 1: Pick up an erotica novel or buy one on kindle and read it together.
Step 2: Remind your partner about how sexy they looked when they were getting dressed this morning. Remind them about one of your favourite erotic moments with them. Tell them what you like to do to them when they get home, or when you meet for lunch.
Step 3: Send an inviting photo.
Step 4: Have fun and don’t make your partner wait to long for a sensual reply.
3.    Myth: Making out is for teenagers! NOPE!
Kissing is an important part of your relationship. There are lots of benefits to kissing, like the release of dopamine and oxytocin which are natural feel-good hormones. Don’t wait for your partner to kiss you passionately, lead the way and pull them close. Allow room to kiss beyond a peck on the lips or cheek. French kiss and re-ignite the fire. Forgot how to French kiss? Here is a little secret. Use your tongue gently. Tease your partner and remind them what it feels like to feel your tongue gently glide along their body. Happy kissing!
4.    Myth: The bed is the only place to make love! NOPE! 
Challenge for February! Don’t have sex in the bed! Change locations and be open to the possibilities that are waiting for you to explore. Here is a short list to start. 1. Car 2. Kitchen 3. Laundry room 4. Shower 5. Go for a hike and enjoy nature.
5.    Myth: Fantasies are only for dreaming! NOPE!
We all have a fantasy. Share your fantasy with your partner. Give them an all-access pass to your deepest thoughts and desires. If you’re a little shy, write it down in a letter and leave it for your partner. The recipient has to surprise you with your fantasy or something like it. So, don’t leave any details out.
Start today and reconnect with your partner and let the flame grow and warm you both. Let go and have a little fun.

Soma and Soul Wellness