Whether the family and friends on your shopping list are health-enthusiasts, or just getting started on their self-care journey, you’ll be able to find the perfect gift from our top 15 wellness gifts.

Take out the stress of holiday shopping and get a head start by checking out our top health-promoting gifts!

  1. Gift Certificate

    Know someone who could use a massage but never books one themselves? Or, have a favourite practitioner whose service you think a friend or family member could benefit from? A gift certificate is that extra push they might need to finally prioritize their health and put themselves first. Contact us for more information!

  2. Happy Lamp

    Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and the winter blues can be an issue when it comes to the changing seasons. Especially here in Canada when summers’ are gone in a blink of an eye and winters seem to last forever. SAD lamps are meant to mimic sunlight and when used properly, have been shown to combat mood changes that often accompany the seasons changing. When looking for an effective lamp, look for characteristics such as light intensity, UV protection, and surface area.
    Carex Day-light Bright Light Therapy Lamp
    Northern Light Luxor Mini Desk Lamp
    Verilux Happy Light Halo

  3. Gift of Hydration

    Staying hydrated throughout the day can be hard – make it easier for your loved one by gifting them a sustainable and portable water bottle. With so many designs, brands and size options, you’ll be able to find the perfect bottle for anyone.
    S’Well 17oz Water Bottle
    Larq Self-Cleaning Water Bottle
    Fellow Mug

  4. Weekend Reset

    Treat your loved ones to weekend reset with an overnight stay at beautiful locations just outside of Toronto, from glamping to full-service hotels, there’s something for everyone! If an overnight stay is too much committment, buy a day pass to a luxurious spa such as Body Blitz or Vetta Nordic Spa.

  5. Meditation

    Meditation and mindfulness seem to be all the hype these days – and for good reason. Backed by science, meditation has been shown to have numerous physical and mental benefits. Get your friends and family started by gifting them one of these meditation aids.
    Muse EEG-Powered Meditation & Sleep
    Calm Mediation App Subscription
    The Five Minute Journal
    Meditation Cushion

  6. Gift of Movement

    Have a fitness junkie in your life? Or know someone who hasn’t found their “niche” when it comes to working out? Treat them to a new experience and purchase a class pack to studios such as Afterglow, Sweat and Tonic or Beaches Hot Yoga. A Classpass is also a great option – gifting them endless choices to top-rated gyms, studios and classes, perfect for any and all skill levels. If your loved one is more of a homebody when it comes to working out, check out Bala or B Yoga for beautiful and functional gym equipment.

  7. Recovery Essentials

    Work hard and recover hard! Everyone needs a little TLC, rolling with a foam roller, using a heatable Acuball, or pounding out knots with a Theragun, are all great options when it comes to proper recovery.

  8. Inspire in the Kitchen

    What better way to get inspired in the kitchen than by gifting your friends and family a cookbook that prioritizes healthy eating and whole foods! From vegans to vegetarians, beginners to pro-home cooks, there’s a cookbook out there for everyone. Our favourites include Love to Eat, The Well-Plated Cookbook, Just The Good Stuff, and Love and Lemons: Everyday. Or, inspire healthy eating a different way by gifting the chef in your life the versatile Always Pan, meant to replace eight traditional pieces of cookware, all in one! Check out other trendy kitchen tools such as a Zoodle Maker or Air Fryer.

  9. Sleep Essentials

    Let’s face it, no one really gets enough sleep these days, or at least no one gets the quality of sleep they truly need to function at their best. Sleep hygiene means creating an environment and daily routine that puts you in the most optimal position to get consistent and restorative sleep. Check out these gifts that can add to (or kick off!) good sleep habits.
    Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleeping Mask
    Silk Eye Mask and Pillow Set
    Sage Essential Oils – Dream Routine Kit
    Essential Oil Diffuser

  10. Books

    Gift the readers on your list a book they can benefit from! Self-help and wellness books such as Think Like a Monk, Breath: A New Science of a Lost Art and How Are You Really, are all great books to gain some perspective and guidance.  Reading any book, in general, has a multitude of benefits and promotes less screen time. So if you can’t decide on just one, check out a Kindle or Amazon gift card to give your loved ones endless options!

  11. Give and Don’t Receive

    When in doubt, consider donating or volunteering your time as a way to give back this holiday season. Gather a group of friends to help deliver customized Christmas packages to low-income families through Holiday Helpers, or register to be a volunteer for events such as The Coldest Night of the Year. Consider checking out programs and donation opportunities local to your neighbourhood, for example, the Share a Christmas Program at Centre 55 in the East End! If you’re still looking for an item you can wrap and put under the tree, consider buying gifts that give back, like this Pride Heart Mug from Williams Sonoma, which gives 50% of proceeds back to The Trevor Project or a cozy hat from Toques From The Heart, which gives a toque for every toque bought to a Canadian experiencing homelessness.

  12. Healthy Drinks

    Sip on something healthy this holiday season and gift your friends and family healthy drink mixes! For caffeine lovers who just can’t get away from coffee, check out the products from Four Sigmatic! By combining Chaga mushrooms with organic coffee, you’ll help your loved ones reduce the jitters and crashes that often come with too much caffiene. Athletic Greens and LMNT are other great hydration options, that can help flavour water without all the sugar. Or, if your go-to gift is a bottle of wine, change it up and gift a non-alcoholic mocktail set!

  13. Vitamins everyone can benefit from

    Although you should always consult with a healthcare professional for treatment and supplement protocols, there are some vitamins that anyone and everyone could benefit from. Especially in the winter months, exposure to Vitamin D is minimal, and supplementing with a liquid or emulsified Vitamin D is always a good idea. We recommend D-Mulsion 1000 by Genestra. A good-quality fish oil, like Nordic Naturals ProOmega, also makes a great health-forward gift! Stop by the clinic to grab yours today!

  14. Fitness Tracker

    For those who love setting goals and having real data to keep track of their health – check out the newest technology in health trackers. From the original Fitbit and Apple Watch to newer companies such as Oura and Whoop, there are endless options to choose from depending on what your loved one’s health priorities are.

  15. Gift of Warmth

    In preparation for the winter cold, gift your loved one a heating pad or heated blanket! Not only are they great to cozy up with, but they can also be a great tool for relieving aches and pains or soothing cramps. Check out basic heating pads or go for extra comfort with a soft, flannel heated blanket.