IV Hydration and Vitamin Drips for Athletes

– Now Available In Our IV Lounge –

Run faster, go further, lift heavier and push harder than you ever have before.

Soma and Soul Wellness is now offering custom IV vitamin drips (intravenous therapy) and hydration therapy for athletes, under the supervision of Dr. Mary Choi, ND.

Come in and try The Pro: An IV vitamin drip for athletes providing increased energy, training recovery, running and race performance enhancement and hydration.

What is IV therapy?

IV therapy is a fast and effective way to boost your energy, recharge your immunity and support your modern day living. It is sometimes referred to as a vitamin drip, iv vitamin therapy, IV hydration or IV drip.

Vitamin or IV drips involve the injection of vitamins, nutrients and minerals directly into your bloodstream via an intravenous infusion. Our assortment of nutrient-rich cocktails contain safe doses of natural vitamins, amino acids, and minerals to promote wellness and healing.

Intravenous liquid, including all the beneficial ingredients, are 100% absorbed, as they don’t rely on digestion for absorption like oral vitamins. For instance, iron is often hard to absorb in your gut but you will see an immediate effect from an intravenous dose.

Who is The Pro vitamin drip for?

 The Pro IV therapy is for individual athletes looking to optimize their fitness, performance, energy and overall recovery. It’s safe and effective for all levels of fitness training – from beginners to professionals. The Pro IV and hydration therapy can be used by Crossfit athletes, runners, cyclists, rowers, martial artists or anyone who is active and looking for support in recovery and training.

How does an IV drip help with training?

When athletes receive vitamin hydration therapy you can get up to 100% absorption of depleted vitamins and hydration levels. This can help with recovery after an intense workout so you can get back to the gym faster. It results in better performance, quicker recovery and an overall healthier approach to training.


The number one factor in recovering faster is hydration, and that’s the biggest thing that the IV does, better than oral electrolytes, because it puts the nutrients straight into your blood stream and that helps avoid gastro issues and speeds up that recovery.

Beaches and Danforth runners: Low Iron, B12 and hydration can impact how you feel in training and racing. Book The Pro IV drip to naturally enhance performance and recovery, or ask about custom iron supplementation.

We offer a wide selection of IV vitamin drips:

Vitamin C drip – restores energy, immune support and iron absorption (45 minutes)
After-party – helps liver detoxification and hydration to support mental clarity and to get you through your hangover (45 minute)
The Energizer – helps to boost energy (45 minutes)
The Nutrient Cocktail* – helps to replenish nutrients to the system (45 minutes-60 minute)
PMS Cure – for mood and hormonal support (45 minutes)
Myers Cocktail – immune and energizing formulation (45 minutes)
The Pro* – The performance cocktail for athletes (45 minutes- 90 minutes)
Cancer Support* – for supreme immune support (60-120 minutes)
Immune Defence* – to help ward off and fight infections; perfect for the cold and flu (60-90 minutes)
Gluta drip – Glutathione* – the Ultimate Antioxidant – used for skin and antiaging, as well as heavy metal detoxification, liver support and autoimmune conditions (30 minutes)
Custom IV vitamin drips* – Not sure what you need? Talk with Dr. Mary Choi to create a formulation that is perfect for your evolving health

*may require blood work prior to receiving a vitamin drip

What’s in The Pro IV drip for athletes and weight lifters?

Your vitamin drip will be filled with IV fluids, electrolytes, and nutrients like L-carnitine, B complex, magnesium, vitamin c, and amino acids. These vitamin drips are designed to optimize muscle recovery and endurance.


Find more information on Soma and Soul’s IV therapy and vitamin drips here

What is the cost of a vitamin drip?

The cost of your vitamin drip/IV therapy is dependent on the combination you require for your specific needs and the length of time allotted for the therapy. The cost can range from $135 to $300 which includes a consultation with Dr. Mary Choi.

What happens during an IV drip appointment?

A preliminary health assessment is required before you can receive your intravenous drip to ensure that the most appropriate vitamin cocktail is selected for you. For more complex health conditions an initial consultation may be required.

Blood tests may also be required for higher dosed vitamin drips.

How do I prepare for my IV therapy?

Make sure you eat and come hydrated to your IV treatments. Please wear shirts that allow access to the veins in your arms. Bring a book or your devices to relax in our IV lounge. Free Wifi is provided. The length of time your IV takes depends on the amount of vitamins being dripped.

Do I need a blood test before my IV therapy?

Each patient’s requirements are unique and a blood test is not always required. In your pre-appointment consultation, Dr. Mary Choi will determine whether a preliminary blood test is needed. Please call the clinic for further information on the vitamin drip process.