Project Description

Wellness Counselling

Wellness Counselling

Wellness Counselling

Wellness Counselling is an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with yourself through mindfulness, self-compassion, experiential therapeutic practices and meditation. Bringing awareness and exploring well-being through the mind, body, and soul. Randi-Mae’s focus is on enhancing self-awareness, self-compassion, acceptance, and psychological well-being.

Providing support to individuals on their health and wellness journey who are exploring the following: anxiety, depression, life changes, long-term illness, bereavement, grief, prenatal, postnatal, life transitions, divorce, managing stress, loss, and personal development.

Couples Wellness Counselling

Each session is an opportunity to explore and strengthen your relationship in a safe and non- judgmental environment. Through combining, mindfulness, compassion, and therapeutic practices, a safe space is created to explore the challenges and changes that are a natural part of relationships.

Together couples can explore reconnecting and healing through the mind, body, and spirit. Randi-Mae’s focus is to support each couple with enhancing their communication, understanding, compassion, and expression of love and support as they navigate their relationships.

Providing support to couples at all stages of their relationship including the possibility of inviting wellness and healthy relationship practices into the process of separation and co-parenting.

Service Fees:

  • Initial Counselling Session (75 min) – $175
  • Follow-Up Counselling Session (60 min) – $150