Project Description


Reflexology is an ancient, natural therapy that has been practiced for centuries as a way to maintain health. As well as, bring the body back to a balanced state. It is based upon the principal that the body is represented by different points in the foot. Often referred to by practitioners as a ‘map’ of the body and applying gentle pressure to these points positively affects the health. Clients receiving the treatment are fully clothed, except for the feet which are cleansed and then worked upon separately by the reflexologist either with or without the use of lotion. Reflexology foot massage has numerous health benefits. In addition to being wonderfully relaxing, it can also complement many other holistic treatments.

Some of the major benefits of Reflexology foot massage include: an improved circulatory system, better quality of sleep, reduction in stress and anxiety and reduced severity of sinus conditions and headaches. It also supports detoxification by ‘flushing’ toxins out the body. As well as, improvements in digestion and the ability for the body to function at an optimal level.

Most clients feel the benefits of Reflexology foot massage from the first session. It is suggested that they receive the treatment at least once or twice per month. If there are any specific aspects of health that are a concern, these can be discussed with the Reflexologist beforehand. After a treatment, clients report feeling fully relaxed (many often fall asleep during the treatment), refreshed and invigorated. Unlike podiatry, the treatment doesn’t necessarily treat the health of the actual foot. Although clients do find that their feet feel rejuvenated afterwards, therefore, making the treatment particularly beneficial for walkers, hikers or those working on their feet all day.

Service Fees:

50-min Reflexology Treatment – $95 +HST