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Meditation & Mindfulness

Meditation & Mindfulness

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a mental training technique. It trains our attention and awareness. Research has established relationships between mindfulness practices and a long list of outcomes. For example, improved cognitive functioning, decreased stress, slower aging processes, and greater states of joy.  As a result, meditation trains the mind to become more focused. Also, training the mind to be self-aware, connected to others and strategic when identifying priorities and pursuing action. When we begin a practice of self-awareness and self-mastery, true transformation emerges. Subsequently, we learn to let go of limiting beliefs. In conclusion, we move towards a deeply fulfilling life. It’s up to us to choose how the story of our life unfolds.


Randi-Mae is a Wellness Counsellor, mindfulness teacher, and author. She is a registered Social Service Worker and has been a counsellor for eight years in various roles. From working as a crisis counsellor and opening a private practice as a wellness counsellor. As a wellness counsellor Randi-Mae integrates mindfulness, compassion, and cognitive therapeutic approaches that support individuals and couples reconnect with their truth, joy and inner compass.